After what took place in Burundi, my husband had a lot of trouble accepting what had happened to us and he accumulated a lot of stress which led him to get diabetes. Today my husband does not work. He is sick at home and I am the one in charge of the education of our children. One of my children is in secondary school. I had the chance of having people that help me pay for half of their education while I looked for a way to pay for the rest. I have a child in secondary school, one in 6th grade, one in 5th grade, one in 2nd grade and I have another one in 3rd grade. God supported me and although life was extremely difficult, God would provide. When my children got sick someone would be there to get them treatment. Now thanks to the Rwandan government we were provided with mutuelle (community-based insurance) and today my children are able to get medical treatment on this mutuelle. The UNHCR also contributed to this and we are very thankful to them.  

I was selling second-hand clothes for children in the market in Bujumbura. When life became too difficult for us, I came to the market in Gisozi looking for something to do. I arrived at the market with the sum of 80.000 Fr RW that I had left. I said to myself that since things were not improving in Burundi and we could not go back home, I should come to the market.