Heroes and heroines arise in the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war.

By Meyene Ekefre

On the 24th of February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine causing havoc, destruction, and emigration. The war initially began because of  Ukraine’s disloyalty to Russia by joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). With time there has been an increase in the attacks and bombings on Ukrainian soil. These attacks have led to constant support from celebrities, countries, and sports stars showing their disapproval of Russia’s invasion through donations, campaigns, and special foundations. Celebrities like Ryan Reynolds, Ashton Kutcher, Gigi Hadid, Mila Kunis have all taken to the creation of fundraisers for refugees in Ukraine. Global Citizen. There has been a supply of ammunition to Ukraine from countries all over the world including Switzerland, a country that barely gets involved in international crises. The Swiss Ambassador believes the Ukrainian war is a challenge to international law. Voice of America. Countries like Hungary and Poland are providing shelter for refugees fleeing from the war. Schengen Visa. Asides from governments and celebrities, sports stars are donating their earnings and publicly protesting against the war. Some examples include; Roger Federer who is donating $500,000 to help children in Ukraine, Real Madrid football club which pledged to donate 1million Euros to charities, Juventus football club is also sending out buses to pick up refugees from boarders.BBC. There are numerous Ukrainians who have included themselves in the war. Who wants to fight for the freedom of their country and its people.

The war in Ukraine has not only brought a lot of support from the outside world but has created a lot of heroes and heroines. The public protests by people all around the world have helped spell out the message to Russia. The war is a breach of basic human rights, it is not ethical and should be stopped for the sake of the livelihood of Ukrainians and people all over the world.