March 22, 2022

Heroes and heroines arise in the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war.

On the 24th of February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine causing havoc, destruction, and emigration. The war initially began because of  Ukraine’s disloyalty to Russia by joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
March 8, 2022


After what took place in Burundi, my husband had a lot of trouble accepting what had happened to us and he accumulated a lot of stress which led him to get diabetes. Today my husband does not work.
March 4, 2022


I'm a self-taught Artist who was born in Burundi in 1994. I liked art since childhood, inspired by the environment in which I grew up. After graduating from secondary school in 2015, I fled the country due to the political crisis which was threatening the lives of many young people.
March 4, 2022

Our Interview with Norrsken East Africa

Meet Frida K., Norrsken House Kigali member and the founder of Amashami, a company that builds the self-reliance of refugee communities through entrepreneurship. In other words, she […]